FRM3 Repair Service
Our Company is offering repairs hardware and software for all BMW FRM
Mercedes-Benz Start Error Repairs
A common issue with Mercedes-Benz diesel (CDI) vehicles is the erroneous synchronization between the engine control unit and the immobilizer system.
Replacement Car Keys Service

We can make new simple car key whit a chip or full key (remote+transponder+blade) in case if you lose or you need just a spare key!

Car Radio Decoding Service

We can decode all makes and models of both original manufacturers' head units and after market head units.

We still working During Corona virus . ūüôā

ECU Software Repairs
Here we are offering a ECU cloning & recovery service If your ECU has suffered a bad remap/ flash we can also recover this back to its normal working state aswell a new/donor ECU is not required for recovery work
Immobilizer Pin Code Service
We can read all type of security code from ECU , Dashboard , IMMO , BSI ,BCM.
Auto Remote Repairs
If your remote has stopped working then we can help you. We offer remote key repair service for most makes and models of different type of vehicles.  Please buy repair service, send it to us your remote key and we will fix it for you.
Dashboard Service
LEGAL DISCLAIMER LEGAL DISCLAIMER We only provide our digital mileage correction services to allow you to remedy the problems in an inaccurate or corrupted odometer but you must act responsibly and declare correct mileage when selling your car by informing interested parties.
Airbag Module Reset-Repair Crash Data Removal UK

Our technicians can fix anything, including airbag modules that have locked or reset, which can occur when the airbags have deployed.

IMMO OFF Service
We cancel the immobilizer for any car brand where possible Cancellation - deactivation of the immobilizer is made from ECU (motor computer) by modifying the software
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