Dashboard Service

Odometer Correction

After replacing the instrument cluster due to a malfunction a mileage correction is required in order to achieve a correct mileage value displayed on the dashboard.

This process can be carried out by the diagnostic socket however, there are a few makes that require connecting directly to the instrument cluster.

We will be more than happy to help you after your dashboard has been replaced to adjust the mileage to the correct value.

Immobiliser Data Transfer

The instrument cluster not only stores the mileage of the vehicle but also the immobilizer data, which sends a signal to the ECU which enables the engine to turn over and start.

A failing speedometer it will result in the car not starting or cutting out after 2-3 seconds.

​ We have the equipment and knowledge to transfer the immobilizer data into a donor speedometer.

Dashboard Repair

The instrument cluster can be easily damaged by using cheap tools or by having a lack of knowledge.

This can cause damage to the flash data which is the operating system.

The memory data which stores the mileage or the immobilizer can also get damaged which will result in either wrong or no mileage being displayed as well as the car not starting.

​ These problems can be fixed by re-flashing the instrument cluster with new software or reprogramming the immobilizer system.